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Longwood FL Residence Cee-Lock Standing Seam Panel Matte Black
Bob Wilinski - IMG_3189

Product Information

The Berridge Manufacturing Cee-Lock stands as a versatile choice in architectural metal standing seam panels, meticulously designed for both residential and commercial construction projects over solid sheathing. With a one-and-half-inch high profile, this panel combines aesthetic appeal with functional design. The integral snap-lock seam ensures a secure and weather-resistant connection, and an optional extruded vinyl weatherseal adds an extra layer of protection.

Available in durable 24- and 22-gauge steel, as well as 0.032 aluminum, our Cee-Lock panel provides options for a smooth finish or optional striations, catering to various design preferences. Its standard 16-and-one-half-inch coverage is complemented by an optional 11-and-one-half-inch coverage, adding versatility to its application.

Installation is made easy with the panel available in continuous lengths up to 40 feet. The 16-and-one-half-inch profile can be site-formed using the Berridge CL-21 Roll Former, while the 11-and-one-half-inch profile can be formed with the Berridge CL-16 Roll Former. For enhanced uplift resistance, the Continuous Cee-Rib is available with steel panels.

The Cee-Lock’s flexibility makes it suitable for a range of real-life applications. Picture a modern residential roof adorned with a 16-and-a-half-inch profile, adding a sleek and contemporary touch to the home. Alternatively, envision a commercial fascia with an 11-and-a-half-inch profile, showcasing the panel’s adaptability in creating streamlined and aesthetically pleasing architectural elements. The Berridge Cee-Lock seamlessly combines form and function, ensuring a lasting impact on both residential and commercial architectural designs.


  • 24 and 22 Gauge Steel
  • 0.032 Aluminum


  • Uses: Roof, Fascia
  • Coverage: 16 ½" or 11 ½"**
  • Finishes: Smooth, Optional Striations
  • Fasteners: Concealed
  • Applications: Solid sheathing
  • Seam: 1 ½" snap-lock seam
  • Optional: Extruded vinyl weatherseal*


  • Panel is available from the factory in continuous lengths to a maximum of 40’
  • 16 ½” profile may be site formed in continuous lengths with the Berridge CL-21 Roll Former
  • 11 ½” profile may be site formed in continuous lengths with the Berridge CL-16 Roll Former
  • Continuous Cee-Rib available with steel for higher uplift resistance
  • Use Stainless Steel Cee-Lock Clip with Aluminum panels
Note: * Vinyl weatherseal required for watertight warranties ** Contact BMC for material availability. Not available with striations.


UL Classifications

  • UL Wind Resistance Rated: UL-580 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)
  • UL Wind Resistance Rated: UL-90 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)
  • UL Wind Resistance Rated: UL-1897 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)
  • UL Fire Resistance Rated: UL-790 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)
  • Description
    UL 790 Class A Assemblies: Berridge's Roofing Solutions Certified for Highest Fire Resistance Rating. Safeguarding Your Property & Peace of Mind!UL 790 Class A Assemblies: Berridge's Roofing Solutions Certified for Highest Fire Resistance Rating. Safeguarding Your Property & Peace of Mind!
  • Description
    UL 263 Hourly Rated Roof Assemblies: Trust Berridge's Certified Roofing Solutions for Fire Resistance & Safety. Building with Peace of Mind!
  • UL Impact Resistance Rated: UL-2218 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)

ASTM Tests

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CL-16 CEE-LOCK (11 1/2") PANEL

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Berridge patented Vinyl Weatherseal is recommended for most projects, but is required for open framing. Consult BMC for open framing projects using Cee-Lock.
Berridge Cee-Clips can be used over solid decking applications.
Berridge Continuous Cee-Rib can be used for higher performance. It is required for open framing applications.
Panel support clips are required for expansion joints. Use at purlin and other framing locations to provide support for the ends Cee-Ribs.
Die-stamped to match the panel profile. Use as a mechanical weather closure at ridges, headwalls, and slope transitions. Use Zee-Flashing for hips.
Extra Cee-Lock female legs are used for panel turndowns to fascia at eaves. Refer to page CL-64 of the installation details for more info.

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