Texas Dept of Ins. Product Evaluations

The following products have been evaluated for compliance with the wind loads specified in the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC). These product evaluations are not an endorsement of this product or a recommendation that this product be used by the Texas Department of Insurance. These product evaluations are intended for use by those individuals who are following the design wind load criteria in Chapter 3 of the IRC and Section 1609 of the IBC. The design loads determined for the building or structure shall not exceed the design load rating specified for the products shown in the limitations section of these product evaluations.

Berridge Product TDI Product Evaluation Material Support System
Cee-Lock Panel RC-482 0.032" AL Plywood or Steel Deck
Cee-Lock Panel RC-203 22 GA Purlins
Cee-Lock Panel RC-209 24 GA Plywood
Cee-Lock Panel RC-210 22 GA Steel Deck
Deep-Deck Panel RC-558 24 GA Purlins
Deep-Deck Panel EC-118 24 GA Girts
Deep-Deck Panel EC-116 0.032" AL Girts
Deep-Deck Panel RC-557 0.032" AL Purlins
Double-Lock Zee-Lock Panel RC-202 24 GA Purlins
Double-Lock Zee-Lock Panel RC-506 0.032" AL Plywood
Double-Lock Zee-Lock Panel RC-505 0.032" AL Steel Deck
Double-Lock Zee-Lock Panel RC-140 24 GA Plywood
Double-Lock Zee-Lock Panel RC-481 24 GA or 22 GA Steel Deck
Double-Lock Zee-Lock Panel RC-276 22 GA Purlins
FW-1025 Panel EC-83 0.032" AL Girts
FW-12 Panel EC-81 0.032" AL Girts
FW-12 Panel EC-82 24 GA Girts
HC-16 Panel EC-123 24 GA or 22 GA Girts
HC-16 Panel EC-120 0.032" or 0.04" AL Girts
HR-16 Panel EC-121 0.032" AL Girts
HR-16 Panel EC-84 24 GA or 22 GA Girts
HS-12 Panel EC-87 24 GA Girts
HS-12 Panel EC-86 0.032" AL Girts
HS-8 Panel EC-85 0.032" AL Girts
L-Panel EC-88 24 GA Girts
S-Deck Panel RC-559 0.032" AL Purlins
S-Deck Panel RC-207 24 GA Purlins
S-Deck Panel EC-119 24 GA Girts
S-Deck Panel EC-122 0.032" AL Girts
S-Tile RC-230 24 GA Plywood
Spanish Tile RC-229 24 GA Plywood
Tee-Lock Panel RC-562 0.032" AL Steel Deck
Tee-Lock Panel RC-503 24 GA Steel Deck
Tee-Lock Panel RC-504 24 GA Plywood
Tee-Lock Panel RC-502 24 GA Purlins
Victorian or Classic Shingle RC-231 24 GA Plywood
Zee-Lock Panel RC-645 24 GA or 22 GA Steel Deck

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