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S Tile

Product Information

Discover Berridge Manufacturing’s S-Tile system, a sophisticated roofing solution that perfectly mimics the appearance of traditional tile with the durability of prefinished metal. This innovative system boasts a clean and crisp scalloped profile, ideal for various applications where a high-end, classic look is desired.

Crafted from 24 gauge steel, the S-Tile system ensures longevity and resilience. The continuous panels — spanning up to 40 feet without end laps — offer swift installation and contribute to your roof’s sleek, professional finish. At just over one pound per square foot, the S-Tile system provides the elegance of traditional tile without excessive weight and installation expenses.

The S-Tile system features 14″ step lengths and one-and-a-half-inch tall tiles, creating a distinctive pattern that adds character to any structure. This system provides a timeless appeal with a smooth finish and exposed fasteners. Its versatility extends to various applications, including solid sheathing roofs.

This metal roof that looks like tile is visually appealing and easy to install, making it a practical choice for residential and commercial projects. Embrace the in-style trend with the S-Tile system, where style meets durability. Whether used for hips, ridges or other roofing elements, this product delivers a seamless and sophisticated solution. Elevate your project with the charm of a metal tile roof that embodies timeless elegance and modern practicality.


  • 24 Gauge Steel


  • Uses: Roof
  • Coverage: 32 11/16"
  • Finishes: Smooth
  • Fasteners: Exposed
  • Applications: Solid sheathing
  • Tiles: 14" step lengths and 1 1/2" tall


  • Panel is available from the factory in continuous lengths to a maximum of 40’
  • Estimate 60 fasteners per square
  • Use individual Spanish Tiles separately for hips, ridges, etc.
  • Use eave closure to close off ends of tiles at ridges and hips
  • Use flat ridge/hip cap flashing at ridges and hips alone or as sub-flashing to mount individual Spanish Tile along 1” leg*
  • Use Inside/Outside foam rubber closures to help prevent air infiltration at ridges, eaves, head walls, etc.
  • Use Eave Drip Flashing continuously along eaves*
  • Use Gable Drip Flashing over tile along gable*
  • Use standard channel at end walls and flashed areas*
  • Use Expandable Foam Filler Tape per installation details as closure at hips and valleys
  • Use Mastic Sealant Tape per installation details at panel endlaps, sidelaps, skylights, with foam closures, etc.

* Trim drawings with dimensions and finish side required for all Berridge manufactured trim pieces


UL Classifications

ASTM Tests

  • ASTM E-1592 Wind Resistance Tested


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Roll Formers


Rubber Closures to help prevent air infiltration at ridges, eaves, headwalls, etc.
Order Individual Spanish Tiles separately for ridges, hips, etc. Use with Flat Ridge/Hip Caps.
Use one Tile Closure per Spanish Tile at end of hip and ridge runs.
Use Flat Ridge/Hip caps alone or as sub-flashing to mount Individual Spanish Tile.

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