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Introducing Berridge Manufacturing’s Fish Scale Shingle — a timeless blend of historical charm and contemporary durability, redefining what it means to live surrounded by elegance. This meticulously crafted shingle replicates the classic look of wooden fish scale shingles, offering a more resilient, lifelong alternative that speaks to those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Imagine a residence adorned with fish scale shingles, where each tile is a nod to the intricate craftsmanship of bygone eras. These shingles don’t merely protect your walls — they become a lifestyle choice, elevating your space to one of enduring beauty.

Crafted from enduring 24-gauge steel, these scalloped roof shingles introduce a touch of history to modern living. The lightly textured surface and rounded edges replicate the warmth of real wood, creating an aesthetic that whispers of timeless sophistication.

For steep mansards or fascia applications with solid sheathing, our Fish Scale Shingle becomes a statement piece, adding character to every angle. Picture a historic district revitalized, where the homes tell a story of preservation and a commitment to timeless design.

Installation is a breeze with factory-formed prefinished tiles, ensuring a uniform and professional appearance. The concealed fasteners contribute to the sleek, unbroken aesthetic, allowing the beauty of the fish scale shingles to shine.

Invest in the Berridge Fish Scale Shingle and let your living space become a canvas of historical elegance — an investment not just in roofing but in a lifestyle that appreciates the enduring beauty of the past.


  • 24 Gauge Steel


  • Uses: Walls, Steep Mansards, Fascia
  • Finishes: Lightly textured and scalloped
  • Fasteners: Concealed
  • Applications: Solid sheathing
  • Coverage: 8 1/2" tall and 11 1/2" wide


  • Factory formed prefinished tiles
  • 148 Shingles per square, must be ordered in full square quantities
  • May be used on mansard applications with minimum 80°+ pitch
  • Use standard channel at end walls and flashed areas*
  • Use special channel at end walls and flashed areas where color will show on all sides*

* Trim drawings with dimensions and finish side required for all Berridge manufactured trim pieces


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