By the early nineties it was evident that Berridge roof panels and their corresponding portable roll formers presented an outstanding opportunity for contractors to market site-formed roofing panels in both commercial and residential markets. In order to respond to this expanding demand, Berridge introduced its Licensee Program in 1992. Under the new Licensee program, Berridge began to sell or long-term lease many of its main line of portable roll formers. Machine owners, along with Long-term lessees, became referred to as “Licensees”. Along with the substantial benefits of being a Licensee which are described below, Berridge Licensees agree to the exclusive use of Berridge coil and accessories for the particular portable roll former which they own or lease. This is necessary in order for Berridge to fully support products manufactured by its Licensees. Although Berridge Licensees who long-term lease rather than purchase a Berridge portable roll former will receive the majority of the benefits of the Licensee Program, machine owners do have certain exclusive unique benefits and advantages as listed below.

While various manufacturers offer metal panels, only Berridge can provide your company with all architectural metal products from one convenient source. For Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors, the Berridge Total Program is a single-source solution designed to streamline your business and increase profitability.

The Berridge Total Program provides:

  • 24 GA & 22 GA Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® coil & flat sheets in over 34 colors & finishes: Berridge owns and operates a continuous coil-coating line for 42” and 48” master coils, ensuring fast turn-arounds and fewer delays. Custom colors are also available. Minimum quantities may apply to 22 GA and custom color material orders. All painted material carries a 20-year finish warranty.
  • 11 Portable Roll Formers: Berridge designs, manufactures, sells and leases 11 portable roll formers. Each roll former is factory-set with minimal adjustments necessary and forms one profile eliminating complicated and error-prone die-swapping. Batch control computers are available to automate panel production. All machines require the use of Berridge coil material to ensure quality and consistency.
  • 30+ Factory Products: Berridge manufactures standing seam, Bermuda roof panels, simulated Spanish-Tile, steel shake shingles, historically-true restoration shingles, metal soffit, fascia, siding & wall panels, custom shapes & flashing, light gauge framing, complete retrofit roofing packages & many more architectural, sheet metal products.
  • Full testing, architectural, engineering & marketing support for factory-produced and site-formed products: Call (800) 669-0009 to speak with a Berridge architect, engineer, or sales representative.
  • The industry’s most respected Watertightness Warranty Program: 2 Yr, 5 Yr, 10 Yr, 20 Yr, or NDL.

To learn more about Berridge products or how your company can increase profitability by working with Berridge, call toll-free: (800) 669-0009, and ask to speak with your personal sales or technical representative.


  • The Maximum Discount on Berridge Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® Coil & Flat Sheet.
  • 5% Discount on all Fabricated Product Systems such as Flush Seam, Spanish Tile, B-6, Victorian & Classic Shingles, Rustic & Bermuda Shingles, etc. (does not apply to seams, battens, etc. unless purchased with entire system).
  • 10% Discount on Watertightness Warranty Premiums under Berridge’s Platinum Warranty Program
  • Lease other Berridge Portable Roll Formers at a substantial discount.
  • Full access to all Berridge Underwriter’s Laboratories Wind Uplift & ASTM Air & Water Infiltration & E-1592 Test Results & Certification (where applicable).
  • 15% Discount on Zee-Lock & Cee-Lock Accessories: Continuous Zee-Rib w/ Vinyl Weatherseal, Closures, etc.
  • Pre-Qualified Sales Leads: Berridge will initially process the lead and forward to licensees for follow-up. Licensee contact information is also forwarded to architects and general contractors inquiring about installers.
  • Total Support on Watertightness Warranty projects, from Initial Plan Review, through Review & Approval of Shop Drawings and Pre/Post Installation Inspections; Unequaled in the Architectural Metal Industry!
  • Technical Support on preliminary designs, product application, installation details, and other matters.


  • No Minimum Sales Quota on purchased machines.
  • Roll Former May be Sold Back to Berridge for entire purchase price minus equivalent long-term lease charges over the period of ownership. The total buy-back amount is not to be less than 20% of original price.
  • The Cost of Portable Roll Formers may be depreciated to reduce tax costs.

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