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Batten Seam
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Product Information

Introducing the Berridge Manufacturing Batten Seam Panel system, a dynamic two-part solution that marries the Deep-Vee panel with square snap-on battens, creating striking panel lines for a bold architectural statement. Crafted from robust, 24-gauge steel, this system is designed for both roofing and fascia applications, offering a seamless, wide-seam appearance with concealed fasteners.

The batten panel system provides versatility in installation, accommodating open framing or solid sheathing. The two-inch wide and one-and-three-quarter-inch high snap-on batten cap enhances the visual appeal of the panels, creating a modern aesthetic with clean lines.

Installation is a breeze with continuous lengths available up to 40′, and on-site forming capability using the Berridge BP-21 Roll Former. The system employs batten clips at 20″ O.C., ensuring secure attachment along each panel rib. Batten end caps serve as mechanical closures at the panel’s bottom, adding to the system’s watertight design.

Consider the Batten Seam Panel system for diverse applications where bold panel lines are desired. Whether enhancing the roofline of a contemporary residence, creating a sleek fascia for a commercial space or adding modern flair to an institutional building, the Batten Seam Panel system delivers a distinctive and polished appearance.


  • 24 Gauge Steel


  • Uses: Roof, Fascia
  • Coverage: 16"
  • Finishes: Smooth
  • Fasteners: Concealed
  • Applications: Open framing, solid sheathing
  • Seam: 2" wide and 1 3/4" high snap-on batten cap


  • Deep Vee-Panel, snap-on batten cap, and the batten seam inner rib** are available from the factory in continuous lengths to a maximum of 40’
  • May be site formed in continuous lengths with the Berridge BP-21 Roll Former
  • Use Batten Clip typically at 20” O.C. along each panel rib
  • Estimate 50 clips/sq with 1 fastener/clip
  • Use Batten End Cap as mechanical closure at bottom of panel runs
  • Use Zee-Flashing as mechanical weather closure at ridges, hips, etc. Field cut to fit between panel legs
  • Use Standard Channel at end walls and flashed area*
  • Use Special Channel at gable ends and area where color will show on all sides*
  • Use Snap-On Batten Cap continuously at panel side joints. Estimate 75 LF/SQ. See typical details for splice and eave turn-downs
  • Use Batten Seam Inner Rib** with Inner Rib Expansion Clip to allow for thermal movement of panels over 30’ long

* Trim Drawing with dimensions and finish side required for all Berridge manufactured trim pieces

** Batten Seam Inner Rib required for UL 90 certification


UL Classifications

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Fasten through Batten Clips along panel ribs. Square Battens snap over clips.
Snap On Batten Cap provides large, visible seams and hides fasteners.
Use Batten End Cap as mechanical closure at the bottom end of panel runs.
Inner Rib Expansion Clip allows for thermal movement of panels over 30′. Use with Inner Rib.
Use Inner Rib with Expansion Clip to allow thermal movement of panels over 30′ long.

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