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Bermuda 2

Product Information

Elevate your architectural vision with the Berridge Manufacturing Bermuda Panel system, a versatile solution designed to infuse a touch of traditional Bermuda charm into your projects. Crafted from durable 24-gauge steel, these panels effortlessly capture the classic Bermuda look, creating a smooth and stepped appearance with strong horizontal lines.

Ideal for roofs, fascia or mansards, the Bermuda Panel system opens the door to creativity in design. Imagine transforming a residential property with the timeless elegance of Bermuda roofs or adding character to commercial structures with a unique fascia design. The panels, available in smooth finishes or with an optional wood grain texture, offer flexibility to match various aesthetics.

With concealed fasteners and a one-inch seam, the Bermuda Panel system ensures a sleek and seamless finish. The option for a vinyl weather seal enhances watertightness, providing additional protection against the elements. Whether you’re working on a residential, commercial or institutional project, the Bermuda Panel system offers a stylish and durable solution.

Installation is made easy with continuous lengths available up to 30′, and on-site forming with the Berridge BP-14 Roll Former adds to the flexibility of the system. Consider the Bermuda Panel system for projects where a classic Bermuda roof or distinctive fascia is desired, and let the strong horizontal lines and smooth appearance redefine your architectural landscape.


  • 24 Gauge Steel


  • Uses: Roof, Fascia, Mansard
  • Coverage: 11"
  • Finishes: Smooth, optional wood grain texture
  • Fasteners: Concealed
  • Applications: Solid sheathing
  • Seam: 1" seam
  • Optional: Vinyl weatherseal


  • Panel is available from the factory in continuous lengths to a maximum of 30’
  • May be site formed in continuous lengths with the Berridge BP-14 Roll Former
  • Use Bermuda roof splice plate for panel expansion and contraction. Leave gap between panel. Required for panels over 30’
  • Use Bermuda Panel vinyl weatherseal for additional watertightness
  • Use anchor clip, typically at 20” O.C., install along panel interlock
  • Estimate 90 clips per square
  • Use standard channel at end walls and flashed area*
  • Use special channel at gable ends and areas where color will show on all sides*
  • Use starter strip at eaves for first row of Bermuda Panels to lock into. Do not lap joints. Use with eave drip flashing

* Trim drawings with dimensions and finish side required for all Berridge manufactured trim pieces


UL Classifications

Florida Product Approvals

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Roll Formers


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Use Anchor Clips along panel interlock over solid decking.
Optional Vinyl Weatherseal for use at panel joints for additional watertightness.
Use Starter Strip at eaves for first row of Bermuda Panels to lock into. Do not lap joints.
Splice Plate for panel expansion and contraction. Required for panels over 30′.

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