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The Berridge Manufacturing High Seam Tee-Panel redefines roofing possibilities with its dynamic blend of curvature and tapering, delivering a strong aesthetic appeal for various architectural projects. Crafted from durable 24- and 22-gauge steel, with an option for 0.032 aluminum, this panel offers versatility in applications, particularly when a curved or tapered design is desired. The wide 18 and one-quarter-inch coverage and high seams make it a popular choice for projects seeking a distinctive visual impact.

Ideal for roofs and fascia applications over solid sheathing, our High Seam Tee-Panel comes with concealed fasteners and is available in both striated and optional smooth finishes. The snap-on seam — featuring an integral extruded vinyl weather seal — ensures durability and weather resistance.

This panel is formed on-site using the Berridge SS-1421 Roll Former, allowing for both straight and curved applications. For the one-inch seam, it can be convex at a minimum of 5 feet or concave at a minimum of 8 feet. The one-and-one-half-inch seam is convex at a minimum of 8 feet, while concave is not available.

Real-life applications could include the creation of modern rooftop designs, where the High Seam Tee-Panel’s ability to be curved adds a touch of sophistication. Alternatively, it could be applied to a commercial space, showcasing the panel’s versatility in achieving unique tapered or curved aesthetics. The extruded vinyl weather seal ensures resilience, making the High Seam Tee-Panel a reliable choice for projects that demand both style and durability.


  • 24 and 22 Gauge Steel
  • 0.032 Aluminum


  • Uses: Roof, Fascia**
  • Coverage: 18 ¼"
  • Finishes: Striated, optional smooth
  • Fasteners: Concealed
  • Applications: Solid sheathing
  • Seam: 1" or 1 ½" snap-on with extruded vinyl weatherseal


  • High Seam Tee Panels, straight and curved, are formed on-site using the Berridge SS-1421 Roll Former. Snap-on seams are also curved with the SS-1421 Roll Former
  • 1” Seam: Convex at a minimum of 5’, Concave at a minimum of 8’
  • 1 ½” Seam: Convex at a minimum of 8’, Concave is not available
  • Straight Tapered High Seam Tee-Panels can be formed on site with the Berridge SL-24 Roll Former and can not be curved
  • High Seam Tee-Panels can not be compound curved
  • Extruded vinyl weatherseal is an integral part of snap-on seam cap and prevents siphoning or flooding over seam
  • Extra snap-on seam caps are factory formed to a maximum of 40’
  • Use Seam Sleeve for splicing snap-on seams
  • Entire roof area shall be covered with Berridge approved underlayment
  • Use 1” or 1 1/2” Folding Tee-Clip*
  • Use 1” or 1 1/2” Stainless Steel Folding Tee-Clip with Aluminum panels*
Note: * Consult the Berridge Technical department or the Curved and/or Tapered High Seam Tee-Panel downloads for clip spacing ** Fascia can not be curved or tapered


UL Classifications

  • UL Wind Resistance Rated: UL-90 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)
  • UL Fire Resistance Rated: UL-790 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)
  • Description
    UL 790 Class A Assemblies: Berridge's Roofing Solutions Certified for Highest Fire Resistance Rating. Safeguarding Your Property & Peace of Mind!UL 790 Class A Assemblies: Berridge's Roofing Solutions Certified for Highest Fire Resistance Rating. Safeguarding Your Property & Peace of Mind!
  • Description
    UL 263 Hourly Rated Roof Assemblies: Trust Berridge's Certified Roofing Solutions for Fire Resistance & Safety. Building with Peace of Mind!
  • UL Impact Resistance Rated: UL-2218 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)

ASTM Tests

  • ASTM Wind and Water Resistance Tested: ASTM E-1646 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)
  • ASTM Wind and Water Resistance Tested: ASTM E-1680 (Approved for Steel and Aluminum)
  • ASTM E-283 wind and water resistance tested

Florida Product Approvals

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Berridge Tee-Clips are available in 24GA, 1″ or 1-1/2″ heights, and are produced in random colors.
Berridge Folding Tee-Clips are 28GA and are used for curved applications.
Berridge Seam Caps are only available for use with the Berridge Tee-Panel System and include Berridge’s patented Vinyl Weatherseal.
Use seam splices for Tee-Panel seams longer than 40′.

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