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WMB-ROI Architecture firm’s goal when designing the NOBAY Village was to replicate the urban dynamic of New York City’s SoHo district. Located in Lakeland, Florida, NOBAY Village is a 5,730 square foot apartment complex designed to create a stylish living and business environment within one city block. This design incorporates 55 apartment units and 5,730 sq. ft. of retail space, all located along the northern stretch of Kentucky Avenue. “This style of urban village will be the first of its kind in Lakeland. An alternative to the city’s predominantly suburban living spaces. NOBAY infuses the downtown area with metropolitan polish and its layout provides a balanced approach to urban density. Amenities include fabric awnings, a covered outdoor dining area and open-air garden patios with grills to promote a close-knit sense of community. NOBAY will feature a mix of retail options that attract both residents of NOBAY and the whole Lakeland community. The building is designed to meet the latest energy standards with regards to insulation, lighting and appliances and the use of “townhouse-style” units stacked over flats eliminates common stairs and halls and provides 100% net lease-able space,” stated WMB-ROI Architecture.

Berridge Manufacturing Company’s Deep Deck in Acrylic-Coated Galvalume was applied on the exterior walls. The panels were placed in a checkerboard design, alternating from a horizontal to a vertical installation. Berridge Acrylic-Coasted Galvalume® is a coated sheet product that combines the corrosion resistance of Galvalume steel sheet with a clear, organic resin applied to the top side and bottom side of Galvalume® substrate.

Rodda Construction Inc., as the General Contractor, and CA Systems, as the installer, made the NOBAY Village come to life. The contrast of the colors and the use of metal paneling add to the urban feel the architect wanted to achieve.

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