Project Details

  • Name: ISHA – The Abode of Yoga
  • Location: McMinnville, TN
  • Products: High Seam Tee-Panel
  • Color(s): Copper-Cote™
  • Architect(s): John E. Calhoun with Kennon | Calhoun Workshop
  • Contractor(s): J Knight with TRC
  • Installer(s): Village Roofing Co.

About ISHA - The Abode of Yoga

The ISHA Abode of Yoga project is a two-story building for the ISHA Institute of Inner Sciences. Located in McMinnville, Tennessee, the Abode of Yoga was specially constructed to revive the science of classical yoga and designed to serve generations of visitors.

Berridge Manufacturing Company furnished Curved High Seam Tee Panels in Copper-Cote™ for the ISHA Adi Yogi-Abode of Yoga. According to the Kennon Calhoun Workshop, “Due to the size and shape of the statue, the building required a uniquely shaped design and roof form, allowing the design team to utilize granite, structural steel and a large curved metal roof. The roof that was used on the project is the Berridge Curved High Seam Tee-Panel Roof, which allowed us to maintain the curve that the owner was trying to convey.”

The 30,000 square foot meditation facility features a lower level assembly space, restrooms, mechanical support space and a large upper assembly space used for yoga and meditation. The two-level structure houses a 21-foot statue depicting the Adi Yogi, which was a goal for the owner to provide a powerful shape and space for the visitors the opportunity to benefit from the supportive energy of the space through simple yogic processes and meditation within the large space. The project was complete in 2015.

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