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Legat Architects designed the Early Learning Center to feature the Berridge Manufacturing Company’s Cee-Lock Panel in Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® Shasta White. Metalmaster-Roofmaster installed over 700 squares of Cee-Lock on the roof, wrapping it onto the walls of this school creating a unique effect. The high reflectivity, emissivity, and solar reflectance of Shasta White is an optimal choice for reducing energy consumption. Cee-Lock is a snap-lock panel that offers an optional extruded Vinyl Weatherseal into the seam. These features allow it to meet many wind and water-resistant test requirements and make it an ideal choice for the northern climate needs of this school located close to Lake Michigan in Mount Prospect, IL. Cee-Lock maybe roll-formed on-site with Berridge’s CL-21 portable roll former or it is available from the factory in continuous lengths to a maximum of 40’. This panel is available smooth or with optional striations and in two coverage options, 16 ½” (standard) and 11 ½” (limited availability).

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