Berridge Manufacturing Company is pleased to announce the availability of 0.032 and 0.040 aluminum substrate in popular Berridge colors. For your reference we have included a product data sheet for aluminum, an updated Berridge Product Availability Chart and a Color/Material Availability Chart. These charts will show which products can be produced with aluminum substrate and which colors we […]

Berridge Introduces New Wall Panels

Berridge HS-8 and HS-12 metal wall panels are multi-purpose panels designed for horizontal and vertical applications. The Berridge HS-8 is an 8″ coverage panel, and the HS-12 Panel provides 12″ of coverage; both panels are 7/8″ deep. Both wall panels interlock with Berridge HR-16 to provide multiple design opportunities. The standard product offering for HS-8 and HS-12 metal wall panels is 24 gauge with a stucco embossed finish. 22-gauge and smooth finishes are also available by request.

Value Engineer With Berridge HR-16 Metal Wall Panels

Berridge’s HR-16 metal wall panel is a 16″ coverage panel designed for horizontal applications. HR-16 has 4 ribs spaced 4 inches on center and is 7/8″ deep. With its wide coverage and economical price point, the multi-purpose, corrugated wall panel is an excellent choice when your budget is tight.

Berridge Architectural Privacy Fence: Form Meets Function

Berridge’s new Architectural Privacy Fencing utilizes Berridge’s Spaceframe metal studs, track and blocking combined with a wide selection of factory produced panels for both sides of the fence. Using architectural metal products for fencing applications allows for design flexibility and project continuity.

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  • Not all products are available in 22 gauge.