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Roll Former Leasing Information: Explore Berridge’s Convenient Roll Former Leasing Options. Empowering Efficiency & Affordability for Your Projects!Berridge designs and manufactures its own line of factory-adjusted, precision-tolerance portable roll forming machines. State-of-the-art computer-aided design and manufacturing systems insure total accuracy in tooling design and fabrication. The stainless steel full-height, non-adjustable rollers used on Berridge portable roll formers ensure that the correct profile is formed every time with no field adjustment required. This is critically important, both for correct panel sidelap seaming and to comply with tested panel profiles. Each machine forms a specific profile with no field adjustment required. Machines are available for sale, lease, or long-term lease as indicated below.


See how your company can benefit from partnering with Berridge! Check out The Berridge Total Program if you are interested in becoming a Berridge Licensee. Contact a Berridge Sales Representative today for pricing on Berridge portable roll formers: (800) 669-0009 *Notes: 1. All pricing is FOB Seguin, TX 78155 (+ tax, if applicable) 2. Lessees must provide proof of insurance for the machine, and must maintain insurance on the roll formers during the lease term. 3. All Berridge portable roll formers require the use of Berridge coil. 4. Lessees responsible for safe return of roll formers to Seguin, TX. 5. Direct all technical roll former question to the Leasing Department: (800) 303-0811 6. Contact Berridge Sales for all other questions: (800) 669-0009

Machine/Accessory Panel Exposure Coil Size (Norminal) Coil Size (Actual) For Sale? For Lease? Long-Term Lease
BP-14 Bermuda Panel 11" 14" 13-7/8" Yes Yes Yes
BP-21 Batten Seam Panel 16" 21" 20-7/8" N/A Yes N/A
CL-16 Cee-Lock (11 1/2") 11 1/2" 16" 15 7/8" N/A Yes N/a
CL-21 Cee-Lock 16-1/2" 21" 20-7/8" Yes Yes Yes
DOUBLE LOCK SEAMER Seams Double Lock Zee-Lock N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes N/A
FP-16 L-Panel 11-5/8" 16" 15-7/8" Yes Yes Yes
SEAM CURVER Curves Tee-Panel Seams N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes N/A
SINGLE LOCK SEAMER Seams Single Lock Zee-Lock N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes N/A
SL-1 Compound Curved Tee-Panel Varies Varies Varies Yes Yes N/A
SL-24 Tapered Tee-Panel Varies up to 23-7/8” Varies N/A Yes N/A
SP-21 Zee-Lock 16" 21" 20-7/8" Yes Yes Yes
SS-14 Tee-Panel 12-3/4" 14" 13-7/8" Yes Yes Yes
SS-1421 High-Seam Tee-Panel 18-1/4" 20-7/8" (1-1/2") or 19-3/8 (1") 20-7/8" (1-1/2") or 19-3/8” (1") Yes Yes Yes
TL-6 Thin-Line Panel 3-5/8" 5-3/4" 5-3/4" N/A Yes N/A
TP-24 Tee-Lcok 18" 24" 23 7/8” N/A Yes N/A
TZ-21 Tapered Zee-Lock Varies 21" 20-7/8" N/A Yes N/A
ZC-21 Zee-Lock Curver 16" 21" 20-7/8" Yes Yes Yes

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