Project Details

  • Name: Great Wolf Lodge
  • Location: Garden Grove, CA
  • Products: Double-Lock Zee-Lock Panel
  • Color(s): Colonial Red
  • Architect(s): Ware Malcomb Architects of Irvine
  • Contractor(s): Turner Construction
  • Installer(s): Evans Roofing

About Great Wolf Lodge

Located in Garden Grove, near Anaheim and in the heart of family vacation mecca, Great Wolf Resort Southern California is the first indoor water park in California. It is also the company’s first California resort and its largest, with 105,000 square feet of water park rides. Additionally, the resort features a nine-story hotel tower with 603 guest rooms, seven restaurants, retail space, bowling alley, arcade, spa, 30,000 square feet of conference space and a five-level parking structure.

This water park and hotel resort complex features a total of 140,000 square feet of Berridge Manufacturing Zee-Lock standing seam metal roofing in Colonial Red.
The General Contractor, Turner Construction, hired Evans Roofing Company of Santa Ana, California, to install the metal roofing on the project, which was designed by Ware Malcomb Architects of Irvine, California. Berridge Manufacturing Company products were then selected due to their reliability, Twenty-Year Watertightness Warranty on the total installation package and their ability to offer expert advice throughout the project on its unique details and challenges.

The project contains both wood and metal substrates. Each case involved the installation of a Vapor Barrier and composite insulation below the metal roof panels. Steep roof slopes ranged from 3:12 to 12:12 and some roof heights exceeded 100 feet above ground level.

The most difficult aspect of this project was the water park section. The designers wanted the metal panels to run the full length from the eave to the ridge without panel splices. This requirement meant that a panel, 160 feet in length, would have to be formed where there was only 20 feet of ground space. To resolve this challenge, the Project Superintendent set up the Berridge SP-21 roll former onto a custom platform, that held the roll former at the required 5:12 roof slope angle, in the bed of a lift-bed truck. This was then raised to be even with the eave of the sloped roof. The formed panels came out of the roll former in the required 160-foot lengths, as ten men spaced out at sixteen-foot intervals accepted the metal as it formed. The men, all tethered to the sloped roof with cables, would then move the panel into position. With panels this size, expansion and contraction was a concern. The Berridge Field Inspector assisted in helping to determine the correct amount of expansion and contraction allowance that would be necessary to accommodate the long panels.

At the end of it all, the roof and resort is a beautiful addition to the Garden Grove City Scape.

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