Oil Canning in Metal Roof and Wall Systems

Oil Canning Acknowledgment

Standing Seam Metal Roof Panel with no appearance of Oil Canning. Standing Seam Metal Roof Panel with Oil Canning Appearance.

What is it?

Oil canning is defined as a perceived waviness in the flat areas of metal roofing and siding panels. Before Berridge Manufacturing Company products are manufactured, all individuals and companies involved with the project need to be familiar with the phenomenon of oil canning.

Factors such as misaligned substrates or framing, deflection due to thermal movement, and over driven fasteners
can contribute to oil canning.

Minimizing Oil Canning

While oil canning can be minimized when properly addressed by the appropriate contractor, Berridge Manufacturing Company offers striated standing seam panels and texture wall panels to aid in this endeavor. Striating panels consist of roll forming gentle “waves” into the panel surface. These waves break up the flat area of the panel surface and help reduce the appearance of oil canning. For this reason, striated surfaces are encouraged when wide standing seam products are selected for a project or when oil canning is a concern of the design.

The illustration below shows the Berridge Double-Lock Zee-Lock Panel with striations.


It is a common industry statement to acknowledge that oil canning is an inherent property of metal panels and is not cause for panel rejection. In addition, it is generally recognized that panels with striations are encouraged to lessen the appearance of oil canning. This document does NOT waive any rights or responsibilities of the architect, contractor or the manufacturer. Panels that do not meet product quality specifications as published by Berridge Manufacturing Company will be addressed per our standard policies and procedures. This document does not waive any obligation by Berridge Manufacturing Company to meet that requirement, Berridge Manufacturing Company asks their customers to inform them immediately if they deem there is excessive oil canning prior to starting installation of the product. This will allow all parties to review the cause of the oil canning on the project.

Our goal is that all parties work together to minimize the consequences of not addressing this issue up front. Please contact a Berridge Manufacturing Representative for specific information. For more information about oil canning please visit: https:// berridge.com/resources/oil-canning-position-paper/

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